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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 - Righteous Dopefiend Text.docx

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Andrea Muehlebach

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Lecture 10: Righteous Dopefiend Question #1: - Criminal activity on the part of drug addicts - Internalization of certain kinds of abuse that are thus perpetuated - Structural abuse o Criminalization of drug use o Carrying needles is criminalized: it is possession with intent to sell so they have to carry less needles which leads to increased use of dirty needles and needle sharing  Policing of how many needles drug addicts can carry o Caltran comes and takes down their shelters, confiscates their clothing, blankets, and possessions  This increases/exacerbates drug use o Medical model contradicts the police model  Individuals are given the medication needed by the hospital and released back onto the street because hotel vouchers are finished and the police take the drugs and kick them out of their camps - Symbolic violence o Drug users are blamed for abscesses and diseases but they don’t have the opportunity to change their ways o Its in the language & gestures  In the hospital they are called “frequent flyers,” in the hospital one of the workers is holding their nose when treating Hank o Forms of racism and treatment of homeless - Abuse is a sickness of trying to escape dope-sickness that drives this system - This is chronic and sustained - Victims often take-up and internalize forms of abuse they have experienced War on Drugs - Law enforcement that creates illness - At the beginning of the research they lived relatively stable lives in encampments o Last 6 yrs of they didn’t live anywhere longer than a couple of weeks - If you’re constantly moving around and your belongings are constantly being taken away, you might not spend the dollar to find the next welfare offer (priorities are preventing dope sickness, staying away from police, and finding a place to sleep for the night) Criminalization: Problem or Solution - Criminalization recreates the problem and creates more problems and punitive measures make the problem worse - One could argue it is more expensive in the long run - Caltrans started and every white injector needed to be treated for an abscess - Criminalization is most common solution to politicians Neoliberalism - Cutting budgeting for social services - Dominant ideology is to stop spending on grants Racisms as a Form of Abuse - Who profits from tax rebates, who can afford to move out of the city - It creates segregation - Intimate apartheid is mirrored through these policies Habitus - Abuse shapes your habitus - Refers as everything coming out of the individual; what we think of as the individual self is produced by something that transcends us Childhood - Early socialization - Almost every drug user repeats the forms of abuse, masculinity, femininity, the home is a place to run away from so the street becomes appealing, love, reciprocity, etc. - Children are made to mimic behavior of adults and peers o Tina is a good example of this o She is a women of whom rape and sexual abuse were a fact of life from an early age o When she realized there was an opportunity to get money for sex that was a step –up for her  prostitution makes sense. There is reciprocity in it o Prostitution becomes a common-sense thing and is an emancipation from rape - Drug addicts internalize that it was their choice to become homeless and they need to get out of this mess - Classis ideology: you can do anything you want as long as you dream hard enough o They cant get any job they want, the job market shows this explicitly - Self empowerment and self-responsibility Question #2 - Race determines injection practices o Blacks inject in veins o Whites inject in muscle and are more prone to abscesses  Blacks say this is disgusting o Sonny was only black to get an abscess and he was embarrassed about it - Differences in drug preference based on race o Crack is considered a “Nigger’s” drug by the wh
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