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Andrea Muehlebache

Lecture 2 Travesti Introduction and Chapter One - Kulik: suspend moral judgment Cultural Relativism  Not just a linguistic point, you can expand to a cultural level  Inuktituk example: phoneme sounds like “o” or “u” represents neither can only represent the phoneme what it means as a whole, can be translated the nuktituk language  The implications of CR is are that scientific: boas argued that if you will go on normative practices, suspension is needed, moral: kulik is clear that he differentiates himself from different accounts, Political: certain evaluations of travesties ca be positive, criminal, violence, extreme from, happens to display itself that are “less worthy than the others” Anthropological Methods  What data did Kulick gather? Qualitative data, looking at material objects, looking at where they live, how they move within the city, how they avoid carnival cause they are subject to a lot of violence  How they interact with each other, with boyfriends  Practices, religious worship, what they do in their free time  He also looked at media, media language, very imp,  When travesti killed, no big deal no agent, does not tell you by whom they were killed or beaten  Participant observation  The goal of gathering the data is to show practices like the industrial silicone injections that kind of make sense  How is this da
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