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Lecture 3

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Andrea Muehlebache

Lecture 3 Anthropology of the Body - Reference through - Can be traced back to an article written by Marcel Mauss “techniques of the Body” - He states that different people have different in ways they inhabit their bodies, he as a French national and fought in first world war, these experiences are taken from the time of world war 1, in the battlefields of the first world war - He then thought there might different ways in which people hold their bodies - He says that one can actually create or deduce a more general theory - Why techniques and not technique? - Depending on what you look like, people have different ways in which they use their bodies - He is interested in the kinds of knowledge we have: like the knowledge of the ‘wink” the cultural knowledge that all of us happen - The same applies to our bodies, about how we hold our bodies - He reported among other things that he said that what came very clear was that different regiments marched very differently - An English regiment fought along side a French regiment: both had been taught different ways of marching, they could not march the same in unison - Table manners: if you have a child at a table and its English you will recognize it to be an English child, they sat in a particular way, their hands were in a particular way and their elbows - Whereas the French children - Walking, New York, watching nurses walking, their way in which they walked the w
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