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Carolan Wood

Ant 205 // intro to forensic anthro Dignity and Respect We study the dead to protect the living. - to learn and protect the dignity of the dead and to respect the feelings of the living The sudden death of a family member is and can be a devastate experience. It is important that to those who are living that someone cares about their dead loved ones - being sensitive to this is imperative What do forensics scientists do and how do you become one? Forensic Science - any discipline whose knowledge is applied in skill and in legal context Ex - Crime Lab Scientists, RCMP LABS , Consultants of each discipline and Forensic Investigators who process a crime scene and collect fingerprints , scan bones **Canada has no criminalists but the US does. Canada has a Coroner / Medical examiner- looks at who, where, when and how and look at and are in charge of the custody of the body Police - are responsible for the scene General investigation Section- they provide support Major/Serious Crimes - they deal with bringing all information together from a crime scene Identification Officers - Photograph, video, fingerprint and trace biological evidence Crime Lab Scientist - in order to work as one you have to have a degree , a masters at minimum within your expertise Consulting Experts - have the highest degree in their field, participate in regular casework and are often apart of relevant associations Forensic Anthropologist - search for, analyze and recover human remains and create a biological profile of a human after death via bone remains Forensic Odontologist - these specialists look for bite mark evidence , dental work based evidence Forensic Psychologists - try to understand behavioral patterns, assist the police in interviewing people and mental state Forensic Pathologist - responsible for determining the cause of death, they identify traits of a deceased body and perform the autopsy as well as collecting evidence from the body such as fingernail scrapings or foreign hairs Forensic entomologists - they perform insect evidence findings. Ex - time of death, find wounds or drugs Ontario Coroner System ** this is under the ministry of Community Saftey & Correctional Services - policing services - c
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