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Carolan Wood

- Critical Assignment o Name and student # o Must resubmit to o Use a title page o Must hang on to your edited version o Implement the changes o Crossed out = incorrect/unnecessary - Most common mistakes o Purpose of paper must be stated clearly at the beginning of paper  Critically evaluate  Scope, role and procedures and methodology o Method: triangulation o State your position strongly and clearly o Brief synopsis of episode must be linked to purpose of the paper o Every sentence must be linked to purpose o Provide specific examples (lack of examples) o Quality of answer (concise, decisive, specific)  Do not make reader look for the info  Be decisive – no “seems like”, “appears to be” o Terms defined (use lecture notes) o Relevant/varied use of lecture notes, peer-reviewed sources to triangulate data  Use to back up statements (for evidence) o Quality not quantity o Make the point of the entire paragraph first (state topic sentence at the beginning)  THEN use a select amount of evidence from your sources to support your research = build your argument o Follow lecture topics in order  Introduction  Role of forensic anthropologist  Scope of forensic anthropology  Forensic anthropological procedures and methodology  All the following lecture topics  Conclusion o Scope/role ignored  No general comments o Focus on irrelevant aspects o Do not need narrative of episode (do not provide a play by play) o Lack of references = plagiarism  (ib, id) for multiple sentences that pertains to same source o Improper formatting of references o Continued use of direct quotes o Contradicting oneself between positive and negative aspects  Back and forth, ruins flow and cohesion o 5% conclusion = synthesis of entire paper  Answers all purpose of paper  Uses all evidence to explain pros and cons  Develop and support your position  Minimum 2 HQ paragraphs o 5% grammar, spelling, format  1 mark off per page with >2 grammatical/spelling/typos  All aspects of format met  All references cited and cited properly o However means “in whatever manner” when started in the beginning of the sentence o However means “nevertheless” when there’s a comma behind it; use at the middle of a sentence as a conjunction Concepts in Identification - Importance of identification o Legal  Wills  Spouses remarrying o Emotional  Closure  Missing family member o Investigative  86% victims know killer  Homicides rarely solved if victim unknown - General biological profile o Sex, age, ancestry o Eliminate most of missing people o List of potential identities  Tentative identification - Matching missing persons and unidentified remains o CPIC  Canadian Police Information Centre o NCIC 2000  National Crime Information Center  Federal state and local law enforcements o Missing persons and unidentified remains o Data entry  Standard format o Computer recognizes points of similarity o Assigns point value to matching criteria  Age, sex, date missing  Threshold score - Missing person statistics o NCIC 2005  834, 536 missing people  690, 521 juvenile  144, 015 adult  4400 unidentified bodies/year  ~40, 000 exist nationally (USA)  56, 102 children reported missing (2008)  95% recovered within year  In Canada, 4000 missing children o Canada  1400 missing people in Ontario  7200 missing people in Canada  200 unidentified remains in OPP  41 males and 2 females found in Toronto  Oldest case from 1956  Toronto morgue = 128 sets of remains from 1960’s  ~600 unidentified bodies in the morgue - Skeleton – presumptive ID o By exclusion or preponderance of evidence o Bony abnormalities o Normal anatomical variation o Medical records o Video superimposition or facial reproduction - Presumptive ID o Facial reproduction to generate new leads o Potential matches pursued in person by police/coroner  Additional info  Dental records, x-rays, DNA - Securing a positive I.D o Dentition (odontologists) o Surgical plates and other hardware o Frontal sinus patterns o Cranial suture patterns - Factors influencing identification o Must be reported missing o Lifestyle  High personal contact, routines  Ted Bundy’s victims  Transient
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