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Lecture 7

Lecture 7- Bollywood

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Linda Mc Nenly

The Cool Culture Soul Machine: The Anthropology of Everyday Life Lecture 7 – May 29, 2013 Bollywood Readings for Today’s Lecture: - Ganti, T (2012). “No Longer a Frivolous Singing and Dancing Nation of Movie- Makers: The Hindi Film Industry and Its Quest for Global Distinction.” Visual Anthropology 25(4): 340-365 - Ganti, T (2002). „And Yet My Heart is Still Indian‟: The Bombay Film Industry and the (H)Indianization of Hollywood. In Media Worlds: Anthropology on New Terrain, edited by F. D. Ginsburg, L. Abu-Lughod and B. Larkin. Berkeley: University of California Press, pp 281-300. Movie Assignment – Due Monday June 3 rd - You are to provide and analysis with an anthropological eye - Is ethnicity hidden? Is it Romanticised? - There are specific questions that are on the assignment posted on portal that we should think about when you rewatch the movie - How film mirrors society?  perhaps to ideologies, but doesn’t necessarily mean it s a true mirror image of society - A representation of societies ideologies - Looking for hidden social norms and ideologies - Deviant norms/social behaviour - Looking for specifically ideas about race or ethnicity o These representations tie in with other social norms ie. Linked to the idea of gender, or linked to the idea of social class Talking about the Borat Critique Article (for the Movie assignment) - In the introduction provide a description what the movie is about. (Brief description) - Right away she provides a thesis statement o Ie. this movie uses the alien other.. o Ie. borat uses allegory and grotesque to … - She mentions the context of the film, by explaining a theoretical framework, and then provides an example Bollywood - Today we will look at the debate and the issues Hindi filmmakers go through How is Hollywood and Bollywood experienced? Is Hollywood omnipresent? - What challenges do Hindi filmmakers face producing Bollywood films for a global market? o Globalization definition and debates o Can Bollywood go global? Central issues - Is the popularity of Hollywood leading to a form of media imperialism? The Cool Culture Soul Machine: The Anthropology of Everyday Life Lecture 7 – May 29, 2013 - Is the spread of Hollywood films globally resulting in the homogenization of popular culture? o Indianized of Hollywood films o Supermen of Malegaon film (“Indianization” of Superman movie - MONDAY) What is Globalization? - An increased interconnectedness (compression of space and time) and exchange as a result of the intensification of the circulation of capital, ideas, people, goods, media, and images… o This is due to decreased time and space - Processes occur at multiple levels, resulting in change o Economic: the idea of expansion, and profit to reach more consumers. We think about cooperation’s, where they can be located anywhere (ie. American company located in India). This results in the massive flow and circulation of money, goods and services. o Politics: the decline of the nation stages of power. Looking at the power and increase of visibilities of agencies that are national (of cooperation’s) o Technological: increase connectedness throughout the world through the internet, cellphones, satellites o Cultural: increase knowledge of access to diverse cultures and cultural products. There is also the imposition of products and cultural products around the world. Globalization and Cultural Processes Global Culture Cultural Imperialism and Homogenization - Increased knowledge and access - A culture’s political and economic to world cultures power is used to spread its - Sharing of and access to diversity culture and values to other - Examples: interest in world, cul
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