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Lisa Trentin

Lecture 3 May-13-13 1:14 PM How/ In what ways is Canadian identity constructed,and by whom? - Canadian identity is hard to define because it is constantly constructed and negotiated - We are all consumersof Canadian identity What is Canadian? Signs and Symbols ('texts') (Own Experiences) ○ Politeness ○ Hockey ○ Beer drinkers ○ Maple syrup ○ The beaver ○ Peace keeping ○ Tim Hortons ○ Saying "Eh?" ○ The mountains, Niagara Falls ○ Igloos ○ Comedians (Molson Canadian beer commercial"The Rant"): references to nature, defining Canadian by what its not (CBC signoff): The national anthem "Oh, Canada" shots of different nature Semiotics:the study of signs and symbols ('texts') - "Reading" and "Diagnosing" What texts mean and how - Arbitrariness - depends on Interpreter ○ Context and multiple meanings - Ex: the mountain represents many things in different cultures - Hermeneutics:the science of interpretation ○ Deeper meaning of texts to make connections ○ How they acquire meaning and for what purpose?  How does Tim's coffee acquire meaning (Canadian)? - is it because of Canadian corporation?  How do governmentmonumentsand media represent Canadianness? In what ways is Canadian Identity constructed,by whom, and for what purpose? - Ambiguous despite "traits" - Representationalstrategy: strategies of representation that privilege certain meanings (Canadian is not being American) ○ Ex: Binary opposition - one is defined in reference of the other - Representation:social production of meaning through signs and symbols Example A: Government/ National level Why? Unify, belongi
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