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Lisa Trentin

Lecture 1 May-06-13 1:04 PM What is Culture Theory? - Cultural Studies (Hall and Fiske, for e.g.) What does "Anthropological Approaches" mean? - Anthropology of media, anthropology of art; visual anthropology Some questions: • How do we use and make sense of PC? (popular culture) How do we create meaning? What are the social purposes of PC? • What ideas about society and culture are communicated,and how? (Ideas, ideologies, social norms, identities) • Production --> Reception: power of media// agency of 'consumers' or audience What is Popular culture? What is Culture?  Obvious? NOT!  Historically and contextuallysituated  Constructed and negotiated by society What is Culture? - Culture with "C" or (Kulture) Anthropology: - A people's way of life; includes all spheres of life which are interconnected (holistic) - "learned and shared ways of thinking and behaving" - Culture is… ○ Material ○ Behaviour, thoughts, and meanings -> symbols ○ Learned (not nature) and shared ○ Interact and change ○ It is not a thing, not homogeneous,not static, not homogenousbut changes through time Cultural Studies: - Adds: experiences of postmodern capitalist society, dominated by mass media - Culture is "...the social production and reproduction of sense, meaning and consciousness. The sphere of meaning which unifies the spheres of production [economics]and social relations [politics]." What is Popular Culture? - P.C. as "folk culture" [of the people] - P.C. as "mass media" [prevalent] - P.C. as consumption[measures popularity] - P.C. in terms of everyday life [common] Why study popular culture?
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