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Lecture 6

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Lisa Trentin

Lecture 6 May-27-13 1:12 PM WHAT IS 'RACE'? WHAT IS 'ETHNICITY'? How are race and ethnicity produced in film? - What are the stereotypes? - How are they produced? (invisibility/absence, albescence, reassignment, through allegory, the grotesque, and more!) Can popular culture offer a critique on stereotypes of race and ethnicity? Are we breaking away from the stereotypes, or re-instillingthe same old stereotypes in new and subtle (or overt) ways? — Examples in readings: District 9, Avatar, Borat — Film: Mickey Mouse Monopoly Thinking about "Race" - Ideology: the beliefs and values of a society that are a product of socio-cultural and political processes, which mask this historical process, resulting in the seemingly natural and unchangeable nature of these beliefs and values - Stereotypesand subtle ○ "speculative fiction… should by definition provide a canvas to five free rein to the imagination, to boldly go where no trope has gone before" ○ This genre of moviehas "...consistentlyfailed (or refused) to imagine blacks in ways that seriously…" IMAGES AND IDEOLOGIES OF BLACKNESS: INVISIBILITY AND CONCEALMENT Avatarismand Buffonary — Avatarism:‘black’ physically absent, represented as something else — Star Wars and Transformers“...utilize burlesque to ethnically and racially mark robot and human actors...” as black (Russell 2013: 200) ◦ Example: Jar Jar Binks jive talking buffoon, From Star Wars: the Phantom Menace Hyper-sexuality and other ‘traits’ — Sexual predators and African Queens - Male is seen as a sexual predator ◦ Examples: King Kong, Alien 1979,Alien 1986 ALBESCENCE: "ACT OF BECOMING WHITE" Racial Re-assignment — Foreign investmentsand market demands --> ‘white’ leads — Race represented in essentialized forms ◦ Exs: Japanese Anime - race as names, hair styles, clothing... — Appearances of race for comedy depends on stereotypes - Race represented in essentialized forms: Anime - has become moreglobally popular, especially in the West, resulting in the characters of "white" - Persistenceof stereotypesand ideologies circulate through popular culture “White washing” — “the futur
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