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Dylan Clark

Lecture 1 - Monday May 7th What is a University? • Consumerism, capitalism and how these shape our identities. How these things shape us. • Race, religion and food and how they are shaped through capitalism. • Participation portfolio : have to relate everyday things to the readings. Submit at the end of the course. • What we will do in the course: Understanding of how a large scale society is com- posed, how it relates and how it functions. Programming, engineering of culture that takes place in the market place. Attempt in society to get us to eat, behave, have sex, listen to music that are useful to someone else’s profit for their corporation. Critique gender, race, food, nation and university that neo-liberalism exists. Humans are end- less reinventing and challenging the cultures that we live in. How do we make sense of these things. The Arab spring. • Quebec: (video) What is society? The kids in Quebec are upset about tuition prices and have posed the questions, what is a society? what is culture? to what extent are we an individual. Most societies “recognize” themselves as individuals, who stands outside of yet within society
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