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Gary Crawford

ANT210H5S 2013 Prof. G. Crawford Fantasies, Hoaxes and Misrepresentations of the Ancient World ANT 210H5S (2013) Instructor: Prof. Gary W. Crawford My Office: HSC 356 Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Tuesday 3:00-4:00 PM Web Site: U of T Portal (Blackboard) Wednesday 2:00-3:00 PM Prof. Crawford’s web site: Text: Feder, Kenneth L. 2011 Frauds, myths, and mysteries: science and pseudoscience in archaeology (7th Edition) . McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. N.Y. I may assign additional readings in the form of articles or web pages . If so, they will be made available through Blackboard . If you want a hard-copy text and the bookstore is sold out, speak to the staff/manger and they will order a copy for you. It is also available to order from online book sellers and for nearly half the price, as an ebook. COURSE RATIONALE Our society needs citizens who can critically evaluate the many competing claims of scientists and pseudoscientists. One need not know everything about science to do this. Using archaeological hoaxes and misrepresentations of the ancient world as a focus, this course examines scientific methods and how to rationally examine claims that may, at least superficially, seem reasonable but quirky. The course al so introduces the fascinating reality of what archaeologists can teach us about the ancient human past. It is not meant to be a gateway course for students who wish to minor, major or specialize in archaeology (actually Anthropology). However, if students wish to learn more about archaeology, a number of options are available at UTM. OBJECTIVES By successfully completing this course you will b e able to: 1. effectively evaluate popular interpretations about the ancient human past; 2. offer alternative arguments to pseudoscientific claims about the ancient human past; 3. apply scientific reasoning to understanding the past; 4. explain the difference between a properly formulated explanation of archaeological discoveries and an explanation that is based on misrepesentati ons and suspect motives; 5. appreciate the real mysteries of the ancient human past. SCHEDULE AT A GLANCE DATE   TOPIC   TEXT  CHAPTER   Jan.  8-­‐10   Introduction;  Science,  Pseudoscience  and  Archaeology   1,  2   Jan.  15-­‐17   Science  and  Archaeology  (cont’d);  Anatomy  of  Hoaxes   2  (cont’d),3   Jan.  22-­‐24   The  Piltdown  Hoax;  Who  Discovered  the  Americas   4,  5   Jan.  29-­‐31   Issues  in  New  World  Archaeology:  Trans-­‐Atlantic  and   6   Trans-­‐Pacific  Contact   Feb.  5-­‐7   Moundbuilders;  Midterm  Test   7   Feb.  12-­‐14   Atlantis   8   Feb.  26-­‐28   Ancient  Astronauts   9   Mar.  5-­‐7   Mysterious  Egypt   10   Mar.  12-­‐14   Psychic  Archaeology   11   Mar.  19-­‐21   Noah's  Ark.  Shroud  of  Turin;  Crystal  Skulls   12   Mar.  26-­‐28   Real  Mysteries   13   Apr.  2-­‐5   Catch-­‐up;  Review     1/4 ANT210H5S 2013 Prof. G. Crawford EVALUATION % Date Mid-term test: ………….……………………………………… 30 Feb. 7 Final Exam………….…………………………………………. 40 TBA Short Written Assignment………….…………………………… 20 Mar. 12 Participation………….………………………………………….. 10 The mid-term test covers lectures and text chapters up to the day of the test. It will consist of multiple choice and short answer questions (matching or identification). Missed Mid-term test: You must contact Prof. Crawford as soon as you anticipate that you will miss the test (due to illness only) or within 2 days after the missed test (Feb. 9, 2013) indicating that you will take the scheduled makeup test. You must have confirmation by email from Prof. Crawford to take the makeup test. Medical or similar university approved documentation is necessary to take the mtheup test . One makeup test will be given a week after the original test date (February 14 ) at 11:30 AM. The final exam will be written during the exam schedule, some time during the period from April 15-29, 2013. The written assignment must be submitted by the due date and time (or earlier) otherwise a late penalty of 2 marks per day (out of 20, equivalent to 2% of your total mark for the course) will be assessed up to 5 days, after which the paper will not be accepted without appropriate medical documentation. Emailed excuses do not constitute appropriate documentation. The participation mark will be based on the extent of your participation in surveys and other online activities related to the class. For example, those of you who have participated in the first survey have already begun accumulating your participation grade. Submissio ns to the discussion board of relevant newspaper articles, video links, etc. will also be considered.
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