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lect 2 notes

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Gary Crawford

Lecture 2 Jan 16, 2014 • She blinded me in science- song played at the beginning of class; at the background: Bill Nye, the science guy • Watch the videos in the syllabus section • Breaking story: the discovery of English shilling- discussion board- talk about if it’s real or just a hoax • Who are the Ainu/ native people of Northern Japan • The standard hypothesis was that they were Europeans who gathered in groups and settled down in large communities, had towns and so forth • Man-the hunter, women- the gatherer- these are just stereotypes • In Japan there was a sense of romanticism and wanted to look for people who remind of the past • Perspectives on people in archeology do have social and political implications • We decided to expand our view, to counter that hypothesis we came up with another and suggested that the Ainu community was made due to constant interactions with others around them not just hunting, gathering and fishing • There were other aspect that made them fit with others at the time • Prof got funding and even did research there • Dispute the common view of what these people are • Could we replicate this kind of data by looking at other sites- concentrated effort in Hokkaido to explore archaeological sites • Collected data at all sites shown on the map and were able to replicate the initial finding, found all did agriculture which had links to Asia, Russia, etc. • One variety of barley came from Russia • This showed that these people were well connected and withheld modern Japan’s attempts to take over, were good travellers, etc. • The Ain have quite a few land issues with the Japanese government • We recovered iron from some of these sites and were smelting iron themselves- had learnt it • Wrote Chinese characters on pots- meant to be delivered to China • So the sense that these people did not have close ties with the rest of Japan was being contradicted by these findings • They were in fact very well connected • Had even strong commercial and trade connections • Did not know how to make glass, was traded to them by South • Don’t have to memorize the chronological chart • This shows that in the early period there were a lot of relationship between northern and southern Japan • The Nara period begins after the Satsumon period • Pottery is replaced by Japanese pottery • We found huge amount of data that contradicted what we thought initially of who the Ainu were • The original hypothesis was completely discredited • They were Japanese biologically (east Asian) and culturally • Lot of people still don’t believe/ accept this • The scientific process • The power of scientific method • Science is objective- acc to the textbook • But as soon as we start dealing with people, it doesn’t stay objective, political stances, society, biases, prejudices all affect the objectivity • The lack of acceptance by Japanese is based on racism, conservatism • The Ainu are victims of a certain degree of racism • The Japanese have been dominat
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