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lect 5 notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Gary Crawford

Lecture 5 Jan 28, 2013 • Vikings video • Canadian archaeology: expedition of snow • Convergence of diff types of evidence last lecture- biological, etc. • even what we think might be the most obscure kind of issue we can still get some response to these questions, can still get at it • Pre-Clovis controversy- they are all over north America except some parts • a very clear distribution, red indicates the hot spots • specially inhabited in Alberta because there was an opening after ice melted • a very curious culture- who came before them • this map on the left indicates a series of sites that date before Clovis • Did they have predecessors? Or were they the first inhabitants? • ice sheets blocked human pop in the North but people were already living there • some evidence: Meadowcraft-has about considerable evidence from 16000 years ago, the roof of the museum collapsed but it is being renovated • one of the difficult aspect about working here is that it is an isolated area so a place where drug dealings, shootings take place so they had to get protection to work there- the risks of working as an archeologists • the pop of pre-Clove people must have been very small • Monte Verde, Chile- waterlogged but everything is very well preserved- very well established site • the Topper site is South Carolina, numerous occupations and 3 occupations indicate pre- Clovis • in terms of convergence of evidence, this is not someone’s imagination, this is real evidence • assemblages of artifacts, settlements, remains if houses, - they are all there, just have to be found and assessed; human biology (skeleton material-very rare but as time goes it can be found), ancient DNA, Canadian context(Basque whalers) • Literal interpretation of Bible • Why are we studying this? essentially it was because it was Christians who were coming into the new world • people used to believe in the Bible literally • one interpretation of the bible, the only people on earth should be ancestors of Noah and his three wives; one son was Asian, other Africana and the other was European • No fourth son? • these ideas are not dead, people still continue to keep them alive, in the contemporary world through the internet • misrepresentations of new world archaeology • many diff pseudo claims, claims about pseudo archaeology • *what we cover in class is primary- look at outline for what we focus on in lectures • Barry Fell- has produced the most amount of • Feder mentions this routine- the comic relief – the cool comedian in the past • the smaller as well as bigger stuff is important, the material culture revolves around losing stuff • people lose stuff behind, humans are mortal beings, always do leave things behind
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