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lect 7 notes

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Gary Crawford

Lecture 7 Feb 4, 2014 • Minnesota runestone: for now this case is ambiguous, the general sense is that it is not real, makes no sense to have a Scandinavian artifact sitting in Minnesota, no geological evidence to disconfirm the evidence, hasn’t yet been proved wrong • what it means to the local people matters, it is meaningful to them, all businesses, hospitals, etc named after this runestone- it means a lot to this people • the prof suspects that even if it was proven to be a hoax it wouldn’t matter much to the people • cultural archaeological- how people see it , create meaning out of objects and patterns, something of them have no basis and some do • most of us don’t use the word race, Canadians use the word ancestry • diff between the people, sociocultural diff also make a diff • a lot of these issues are not about t ancient world, it is the world people are creating for themselves • how coincidental is that the Scandinavian artifact was found by a Scandinavian person • establish your identity in a way stronger than others, Canadians see themselves in the context of Americans, that’s what’s happening in this case, The Scandinavians were discriminated by the pop before them so they had to constantly struggle to establish themselves- emphasize their contributions, what things they take pride in • the Vikings take pride in the runestone • development of a social context, might want to explore this context for other archaeological discoveries • Mentioning archea to local people- these people may not realize interesting archea. exists locally • TV series- America unearthed- it is strange:| • 2 things wrong with this clip: 1) how can he change his ticket? 2)this big boulder-3 tonnes is missing and he thinks he is going to deal with this theft • He points out something- a subtle thing, something about academics- juxtaposed himself against the academics- considering himself diff from them, saying that he knows sth about the arch. history of America which we all don’t, being hidden by the professionals- a conspiracy (the Prof if interviewing would talk in an inclusive way- ex. My colleagues have some diff opinions) • There is an agenda in this video and they try to give it incredible credibility- agenda to mislead and keep certain secrets, conspiracy on part of professional archea. to hide the truth • look at the text highlighted in red under the video • “Demonstrating the links between the ancient North American civilizations…. • The question is: who really built the mounds? • some religious reasons behind this • t
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