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MAY USE SUBHEADINGS (ex: introduction, summary, analysis [with subtopics underneath analysis], ect.) 1) Introduction: -What paper is about -Where your paper goes with the topic - May HINT at conclusions → mention how you approach topic → where you went with topic -Intro must be meaningful * tell what topic is, why you chose topic, tell how paper is organized, give sense of where you went with the paper, hint at conclusions 2) Brief Summary: -couple paragraphs, even one is ok -reference the topic → provide citations in paragraphs -put in own words Analysis: 3) Does the claim follow standard scientific thinking? →look at chapter 2: deals with epistemology →Chapter 3: anatomy of hoax - look at extent to which these folks are testing their ideas, not proving it →they are constantly trying to prove their case - not testing their case -not testing a hypothesis - they need to actually look for evidence that goes against their case or idea -see how they're not using scientific method 4)Who is source of story? What type of expert are they? -check their credentials 5)Do they consult other authorities? -What are their credentials? -Are they taking quotes out of context? -They make it look like they are addressing these exper
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