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Lecture 1

ANT211H5 Lecture 1: Sociobiology and Why Sex

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Sherry Fukuzawa

ANT211 Sex Evolution and BehaviourLecture 1 Sociobiology and Why SexSept 11 2014NATURAL SELECTIONMechanism that causes evolutionWhere animals vary and where those variations are at least partly inherited the less successful varieties will be eliminated and the more successful will become relatively numerousREPRODUCTIVE ADVANTAGEA successful organisms traits must be passed on to descendentsThose descendents must reach maturity and reproduce SOCIOBIOLOGYThe study of behavior based on darwinian paradigmBasis in population genetics and evolutionary theoryNatural selection allows us to answer to Why questions of human behavior4 EXPLANATIONS TO ANSWER Why IN BIOLOGY1 Proximate causationConcerns the direct mechanisms that bring something about Structural description2 Ultimate causationConcerns adaptive significanceCausation on a generational time scale3 OntogenyDevelopment within an individuals life span4 PhylogenyEvolutionary progression by which the behavior has been formed out of the preexisting organizationDarwins Theory Survival of the FittestSurvival is relevant only in the service of reproductionBeing FIT in biology means reproductive successGENETIC FITNESSReproductive successCan be estimated numerically to predict the rate at which genes are eliminated or spread over generationsIs specific to a particular population at a particular timeAlways expressed relative to alternativesIs a function of the environment and even of the particular set of other genes at other loci within the same organismWYNNEEDWARDS 1962
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