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Lecture 8

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Alexander Von Gernet

ANT 241: LECTURE 8 The Newfoundland Beothuk Newfoundland: o The first people to arrive were called maritime archaic people o Arrived from Labrador over 5 000 years ago o Don’t have Paleo-Indian people, arrival of Cuban people was much later o Died out or left Newfoundland over 3 000 years ago o “recent Indians” arrived about 2 000 years ago “Recent Indians”: o Divided into several different groups o Cow Head: AD 1-800 (place in newfound land called cow head and this is where first archaeological evidence was found of them hence they are called cow heads) o Arrived about 2 000 years ago Beaches People: o Come from a place called beaches o Dated: AD 800-1000 o Assumption is cow head people are ancestors of the beaches people and manifested in different types of archaeological sites Little Passage: o Found at a place in Newfoundland called little passage o Dated: AD 1100-1500 Beothuk: o Dated: AD 1500-1829 o Obsessed with colour red; painted with red ochre o Painted everything they could think of , their bodies and everything they owned o Painted themselves differently every year (annual ceremony) o For this reason they were referred to as “Red Indians” o They are foragers: people who hunt fish and gather for a living o They chase their food rather than watch it grow, for over 99% of history we were all foragers o Forager groups are much smaller than other groups, they have small bands of people from 30- 35 people. o Most important resources were caribou, seal and salmon. o
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