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ANT 241 Lecture 3There are little observations as to what aboriginals thought bc they had little reflectionTo test if aboriginals were normal people Europeans would throw them into the river in order to see if they would drown or notTobacco Smokingwas it savage or civilizedoEcstatic shamanism origins of this practiseoFor 9999 of human existence we were huntersgatherers oWe practise a form of belief system known as animismWhich means that there is no belief of single god however there was a belief in spiritsThe term Animism is derived from the Latin word anima meaning soulIn its most general sense animism is simply the belief in souls In this general sense animism is present in nearly all religionsoWe practise as humans this spiritual tradition and ended up with religious specialists known as Shamanscross of doctor and a priestoThis belief was known as shamanismcommunicate with the spiritual world through a tranceoThe Siberian connection we know that most shamans came from thSiberia and up until the 19 century there were still ppl practising shamanismoSiberian shamans would go off into isolated place fasting and also ingest psychoactive plantsoOne of the most active plant species within Siberia is known asmushrooms associated with witch craft red mushroom with white dots on ithighly toxicoHowever if u are a shaman you know exactly how much of the plant you can consume which will allow you to go to the spirit world and come back
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