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Lecture 18

Lecture 18

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Alexander Von Gernet

Lecture 18 – the iroquois move to canada Iroquois in Canada - Iroquoian language family o Examples from New York State: o Mohawk o Oneida o Onondaga o Cayuga o Seneca o  5 nations Iroquois confederacy  (Haudenosaunee) o Picture of turtle -> they had an origin myth – started on the turtle’s back. Turtle an important symbol of the land on which they live. Painted on turtle st Lawrence river, lake Ontario, lake erie, the 5 nations Iroquois -a peacemaker brought them all together under a tree of peace (tree in middle of turtle painting) -a symbol on bottom – originally from a wampum belt. – Iroquois confederacy belt. Uniquitous in Iroquois society - MOHAWK o Approximate limits of Mohawk homelands and territory at the time of first European contact  o Mohawk immigration to Canada – from Mohawk river grand river (six nations),  Tyendinaa??, ((from picture)) o Mohawk move to Canada  “Praying Indians” –  1667 – first migration to Kahnawake (near Montreal)  1672 – Kanesatake (Oka)  1707 – Groton, Mass
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