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Lecture 9

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Alexander Von Gernet

th Lecture 9: Contact in the 16 century (St. Lawrence Iroquoians, Florida Timucua, Arctic Inuit and North Carolina Algonquians) - Aftth the norse, there is no solid evidence of Europeans in North America until the: - 15 century: - European Colonial Powers - Spanish - Portuguese - English - French - Dutch - New York City used to be called New Amsterdam -New York State used to be called New Netherlands -1480’s: Fisherman from English port of Bristol -John Cabot – an Italian working for the English -1497 -where did he land? -> the best guess is somewhere along the east coast of Newfoundland -contact with Aboriginal People: None, although he did see evidence of them. - 16 century (1500s) -Bretons (from Brittany region of France) - Basques (from border region between Spain and France) -early fishermen -> 2 fisheries - dry fishery -> more indigenous contact - wet fishery -> less indigenous contact -fishermen and whalers likely came in contact with (among others): -Innu -Beothuk -Mi’kmaq -St. Lawrence Iroquians - 1501: Corte Real (Portuguese) -57 natives (possibly Beothuk) captured and brought back as slaves - they had long black hair, tattoos, fur clothing and stone tools -the natives already possessed a sword and silver rings from Venice -1503: English fishermen -brought back from ‘Terra Nova’ a red bow and red arrows -1508: French Fishermen -captured 7 natives in a bark canoe and brought them to France -they had black hair, no facial hair, fur clothing, and stone-tipped arrows -1520s: Fagundes (Portuguese) -Portuguese Colony on Cape Breton -conflict wih Mi’kmaq -1524: Verrazzano (Italian working for the French) -met various groups along eastern seabord
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