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Lecture 8

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Alexander Von Gernet

Lecture 8: MISSED FIRST 15 MINS - Newfoundland - Maritime Archaic People -first to arrive (inhabit) in Newfoundland -arrived from Laborador over 5000 years ago -died out or left Newfoundland over 3000 years ago -“recent Indians” arrived about 2000 years ago -Cowhead: AD 1-800 -the earliest of the recent Indians  Beaches: Ad 800-1100 -(Cowhead people became the Beaches people) -coming of the Norse timeframe  Little Passage: Ad 1100-1500 - the Beaches people became the Little Passage people  Beothuk: AD 1500-1829 - Beothuk -painted entire bodies with red ochre -once a year during a ritual, paint each other red -hence, called ‘red indians’ -term spread in NA so all Indians called Red Indians -painted many of their possessions red too -still a place in Newfoundland called ‘Red Indian Lake’ - Foragers / hunger gatherers  mode of subsistence -99% of human existence -lived in small groups -> Bands – of 30-35 people -are kinship groups that require you to marry outside. -most important resources were caribou, seal and salmon. -today, most imp is moose -no moose for Beothuk -were imported to Newfoundland in 1504 -Seasonal Round -a route of travel -> -Caribou Fences -to hunt caribou – knew whe
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