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ANT 241 Lectures #5 October 25, 2007 • October 29 : Test #1 M.C. and short answer • Creating myths (the mound builders and Modern Myths about Aboriginal People) • The mound builder Myth (19 century) o Chronicled over the last few decades o Focuses on the Mississippi valley and could be extended up to Ontario  Where it developed and archeology that supported this myth resides o Farmer in fields came across these curious features that looked man made  It was a ubscne figure NOT natural (in the middle of nowhere random places)  First by the hundreds then by the thousands  In latter times some people built gazebos, and staircases o Who left these bounds? Question was answered by excavation o Dozens of men dug to investigate who could have left these minds  They dug holes in them and built shafts in them  Farmers would often get their labourers to excavate these things in no systematic matter (b/c before the origin of archaeology)  They began finding objects as well as bones • These objects were amorously carved • They did no resemble objects made by native Indian at that time • Found various objects of pottery and figurines all beautifully made and not resembling objects of natives living at the time of excavations  People began thinking of origins of these mounds • Some thought I was the Spanish from early colonial times • Others thought it was people form the Old World • Most popular one was rooted from story found in the christens bible o Israelites were made up of 10 tribes o Israelites were captures and carried away to "Asaya" b/c these people did things that were against the lord  They built things in high places all round their city • High pillars.. etc. • Thus the lord was angry and sent away the 10 tribes leaving only the Jeddah • These tribes ended up in North America and became mould builders and thus the high hills and idols worships (objects found in hills) o 1 or more tribes of sidereal came to N. America a and built these structures • Anthropologists observes religions all around the world and therefore they often cannot accept just one of these as well as the fact that they find areas of various religions to be false • When we deal with archeologically evidence it is often difficult to reconcile with people’s beliefs th • In the 19 century at the time of mould builder theory- very times people were speculating about mounds and Native Americans • Christianity is thought to be one of the largest growing religions in the world today • Mormons – church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints • Joseph Smith – founded in New York State o Convicted of fraud  Interested in buried treasure and mound builders  Influences by “Ten Lost Tribes of Israel” theory • The combination of these two theories led to this new religion • It started when he was visited by an angel- "Moroni" who appeared in divine revelation • He told smith that he would be able to find gold plates just east of what is now known as Rochester • 1847 Smith said he excavated the hill • Angel told smith how to translate golden plates into English o Magical “steer stone” used to translate platter in English from “reformed Egyptian” characters o Translation that began in 1827 o Created “Book of Mormon” published in 1830  Entails Smith’s translation of golden plates o “the book of norm is a volume of holy scripture comparables to the Bible. It is a record of God’s dealings with the ancient inhabitants of the Americas... The book was written by many ancient prophets bit the spirit of prophecy and revelation” • Origins of American Indians according to the book of Mormons o 2, 000 B.C. Jaredites come to American from Palestine and built great civilizations here but ultimately they failed o Their civilization ends with a great battle at Cumorah (where golden plates were recovered) o 600 B.C. another groups of Hebrews arrives but soon split into factions  1. Neophytes – are civilized moundbuilders • Responsible for all the mounds recovered later on  2. Laminates – savage Indians- one of the factions of the second wave that ended up in the new world  As punishment for sinning against
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