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Gary Crawford

ANT313 - Zoku Jomon sites o Fugoppe and Mochiyazawa - Mochiyazawa site excavation o Buried in aluminum o Excavating shallow part filled with charred remains o Plant remains were primarily nuts - Zoku Jomon pit o K135 site o Streaks of calcium and formed in shapes of bones o Found human tooth o So these were burials - Zoku Jomon o Fugoppe Cave wall art o Seasonal diets o With shallow charcoal rich ash (food prep) next to burials o As if people were there temporarily and performing ceremonial rituals as well o Art: person with headrest? o Deer scapulae in pottery sherd o Stone tools o Symbolic art carvings o Sacred place - Zoku Jomon Food o Nuts o Fish o Seeds (barley and wall barley) - Zoku Jomon o Differences with Final Jomon:  No large villages  Relatively impermanent settlements  Anthopogenesis localized and periodic  2 caves are ritual/spiritual spaces  Many sites are partially cemeteries (which we don’t see a lot)  Exchanging crops, glass, pottery with Yayoi  What could all this mean?  Not a lot of change (no intermarriages)  People are dying at a higher rate?? Society is disrupting? Conflict  Zoku Jomon is worse off for some reason compared to the south; offering sacrifices and doing rituals asking for help? - A Misunderstood past: a new look at the native people of Northern Japan - The Ainu Today is a tourist attraction o Sacred sticks and willows coming down (symbolizing birds) o Traditional clothing based on Japanese kimonos but they’re designed with Ainu design o Harp made out of wood with a string (changes tone by your voice?) o Today Ainu live like the modern Japanese - Sources of info o Travellers, missionaries o Oral history o Written history o Ethnohistory o Archaeology o Human biology - A brief history o Ainu period is thought to be AD 1150-present o At war with Japanese, particularly after AD
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