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Gary Crawford

ANT313 - The Mumun Period (c.1500-300 BC; 3500-2300 BP) o Some call this period the Korean bronze age; Sarah Nelson calls it the Korean Megalithic Period o Plain decoration pottery - Mumun Period, Korea o Red colour for solid states o We’re covering the yellow area which is social complexity, and expansion o It’s about 5 centuries separated from the end of Erlitou and it is contemporary with Shang - Issues we’re looking at o Mumun and relations with developments in China o How does Mumun differ from Chulmun? o How is Mumun defined? o What do developments during Mumun mean? o How is Chulmun society organized? o What is the relationship of the Mumun to Japanese origins? - Mumun Pottery period o Plain course pottery o Some bronze technology o Intensive farmers  With large fields o Megaliths (Dolmen) - Mumun pottery period o Technological and societal transformation o Pottery mass produced because there are huge kilns and pits found o Relatively egalitarian  simple polities organised by incipient ranking - Origins (c.2000-1250 BC) o Several possibilities  Indigenous development  Contact (migration) from outside  Other o All Japanese talk about is migration while Korea is hesitant to talk about it o The bronze looks quite indigenous and there’s 10 holes on top and it’s probably hung somewhere o Another bronze item does show similar bronze weapon from north easte
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