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Gary Crawford

ANT313 - Chulmun Culture in the Korean Peninsula - Map of North and South Korea o Concentrated on South - Korea: Chulmun Culture o Early chulmun, middle chulmun, late chulmun - Chulmun: issues o What themes are prevalent o Chronology o Settlement pattern o Pottery forms and their meaning  Links to NE China (Dongbei-formerly Manchuria) o Development of agriculture – like Japan, the Chulmun narrative emphasizes the “unique hunter-gatherer cultures” - Prevalent theme among Korean archaeologists o Ethnicity  Korean identity traditionally linked to migrants about 1000BC and ethic homogeneity dominates as a theme (last point can be justified)  NK and SK split as a result of recent politics  Before 1000 BC., people were Palaeo-Siberians and not related to contemporary Koreans - Palaeolithic micro cores o Likely the same processes at the end of the Pleistocene that we saw in Japan, but many archaeologists see no connection between Palaeolithic and Neolithic/early Villages o Same processes in China - Chulmun o Earliest date to about 8000Bp or 6000 BC  On east and south coast – mainly shell middens  Oldest site is on Cheju Island o Tongsamdong site among best examples of a site with a long sequence of occupations - The sites o Tongsamdong really close to Japan - Chulmun artifacts o Clearer connections with Japan than with China o Earthen ware and linear patterns (no cord marks) o Groundstone technology - Pottery o Typical of central and north o Early Chulmun southeastern pottery is plain, has raised strips, or is pinched with flat or round bottoms o Therefore, regional distinctions are evident in the Early Chulmun o Distinctions disappear in middle Chulmun - Tongsamdong site - Tongsamdong trenches o Excavated by UTM faculty members - Early phase pottery o Plain pottery (looks indigenous) - Trade pottery fragments o With Japan - Shell o Ornaments from next to ocean - Celts and hoes - Stone artifacts - Fishing - Fish hooks - Chulmun: issues o What themes are prevalent? o Chronology o Settlement pattern o Pottery forms and their meaning  Links to NE China (Dongbei-formerly Manchuria) o Develo
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