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Gary Crawford

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ANT313 - Test o Focus on “objectives” at the beginning of presentation o Back up answers with facts - Habu’s paper o History of settlement studies: Marxist view and influence from NA o Issue: degree of sedentism o CASE: northeastern Japan, Sannai Maruyama - Sannai Maruyama Site o Northern Japan - Wetland deposits - Sannai site o Complex sites with roads and storerooms o Houses and communal halls and towers - Tower and hall o Posts preserved a few metres in the ground - Raised floor structure o Modelled after structures in Thailand and Vietnam as well, so they think similar things were happening at the same time - Lower Ento pottery o Ento: cylindrical pottery - Upper Ento pottery o Based on Stratigraphy (upper and lower) o Base of pot is flaring but still cylindrical o Lots of cord markings o Rims and necks are quite distinct - Kanto middle Jomon o Elaborate earthen ware - Flame pattern pottery o Middle Jomon, central Japan o Waves and water (interference patterns on the rivers) - Jomon settlements in W. Tokyo o Kobayashi’s view (p.85 in Habu Ch.4)  Large settlements  Medium  Small  Sites with no houses  Cemeteries, quarries (special purpose) - Habu’s view of sannai maruyama o Abundant fish remains, all seasons, so analyst believes occupations all year round o Not enough bone to indicate reliance on animal food so plants must be important  Nut remains abundant  Fleshy fruits abundant (wine?)  Wild bean? Echinochloa use? Cultigens? Chestnut management? o Che
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