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ANT313 (Sept 13, 2012) - Practice of Archaeology.docx

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University of Toronto Mississauga
Gary Crawford

ANT313 Lecture 2 (The Context of Archaeology in Japan) - Don’t forget Ryukyu Islands that is part of Japan - Russia took over some islands near Hokkaido and people who were forced to move wants to go back - Putting Japan in Perspective o 127, 400, 000 people (1/3 US population) o 67% are urban o Tokyo: 36, 500, 00 (about the same population as Canada!) o Lining up the latitude of Japan on the Canadian and US map shows that Hokkaido is roughly the same latitude of southern Ontario - Reading (Japan) o Fawcett, C.  1995 Nationalism and Postwar Japanese Archaeology - Visibility of Archaeology o The archaeology in Japan is sort of in your face o The laneway is lined with artifacts from his property (a picture of a man’s house in Hokkaido) - Local clubs o Discussion boards in Japan about Japanese nationalism and archaeology o Picture of burning wood where they’re trying to create something (creating Jomon pots) - Education o Elementary school kids visiting archaeological sites in Japan - Crews are mainly local, highly skilled women o Empty nesters or young women who finished school o Management crew=professional archaeology - Scale of CRM: full site excavation o Strip out the whole area to do archaeology - Fawcett’s Points o Archaeology used to create national identity – how?  In Canada, it’s harder to fund for archaeological projects and more difficult to get around preservation for construction  Tensions and negotiations but many resources for the Japan to do archaeology o New interest in the media and the public o Acceptance of controlled rescue excavations meant relinquishing some of the critical edge of their discipline (p.244)
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