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Gary Crawford

Archaeological Parks - In mid 90s, start finding things in the sites; exquisite artifacts with bifaces o Quarter million years old based on the volcanic ash levels o But there seems to be something wrong because you couldn’t date it o Their reason was that Japan was special and that they were sophisticated long ago o Something suspicious where it all relates to one guy o This guy was salting the archaeological sites with artifacts o The professional archaeologists of Japan was blinded by nationalism and didn’t want to disapprove the signs o Turns out, that guy was stealing artifacts from Neolithic sites - Huge park (Discussed by both Fawcett and Tsuboi) o Pride and money involved in archaeology o Nationalist agenda and self grandizing o This guy was a nationalist celebrity and people hung onto his words - Asuka Mura o 8 century Japan o “the home of the Japanese heart” o - Japan’s influence on Archaeology o Japanese “empire” (1942 map; Korea ruled by Japan from 1910-1945) o Huge section in China o Colonialism had major impact on archaeology and set stage for identity formation  Importance of colonialism, if somebody colonizes you, it affects your identity  Archaeology was an important tool to rebuild identity - The Korean Peninsula o Issues:  Meaning of the old national museum  A nationalist archaeology and its impact  Formation of an indigenous archaeology o Had Japanese names because Japan founded it o Governal general of Japan was sent to Seoul to build the museum in the shape that symbolizes the word sun in Japan (and Chinese) and also the first word of Japan 日  It also blocked the view of the national palace  Now it has been filled in the holes so it doesn’t look lik日 o Multivocality article  Research is objective  Artifacts give info  In Japan, in order to avoid conflict with national agenda, let the artifact be descriptive and let the artifact speak for themselves  Kim shows ancient agriculture plays into it  The ancient rice and how it plays out in the press and what it meant  Voices out there; farmers, business people, archaeologists; different views of the artifacts and archaeological records; the validity can’t be determined and leads to tension
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