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ANT313 (Sept 25, 2012) - Early Holocene Life.doc

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Gary Crawford

ANT313 - Latest Upper Palaeolithic in China - China 25, 000 – 8000 BP o Ecological engineering: how humans interact with environment o Xiachuan: appearances of microblades and axes (cutting trees?) and adzes (chisel) for making things; change in technology o Hutouliang: animals associated with grasslands, early pottery, and stone tools; people are spending more time in the area;  The prof does not agree with the authors of the textbook/article that the mobile people are using pottery (because it’s fragile); with pottery and low population, he think it’s habitual uses at different times of the seasons and then come back where they left it o Nanzhuangtou: pits (big holes) or ashpits (for storage and then for garbage); pigs o Donghulin: shell necklace o Shizitan 9: houses and nut use, collectors and using the environment habitually - Donghulin artifacts - Shizitan: forensic work on groundstone tools - Use wear analysis (get patterns on the stone) o Hard uses such as on minerals such as hematite for body paint (they also found residue) - Starch grains: make analysis of the grains to see what crop - Shizitan Lessons o Creating niches, not chasing them - Bianbiandong in Shandong Province o Nice cliff faces and see terrace hillsides NEW PDF PRESENTATION China: Early Holocene Life (And the earliest agriculture) - Objectives o Know some of them o Think of why they’re located o North and central China patterns o Context in timing and what situations of animal domestication - China’s regions o Central China  Rice o North China  Soy beans and millet - Vegetation o Drier as you go into the interior - Major agriculture zones
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