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ANT313 (Oct 25, 2012) - Chinese Late Neolthic (Longshan).docx

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Gary Crawford

ANT313 - Hemudu: Final Comments - Long houses o Hard to tell from the posts where the longhouses start and end o Used the Iroquoian longhouses model and found it similar - 1970s era poster at Hemudu museum o Neolithic utopia; lots of resources, egalitarian, fun and music o Took the Iroquoian way of life and try to use it for Hemudu o Matriarchal? o Privatization corrupted the utopia? o Archaeology was written to justify the communist manifesto - NE China and Liao River Valley - HongshanCulture o Niuheliang site ca. 6000-5000 BP o Goddess temple  Few large central sites, many small villages, no evidence of central political authority  Segregation of site functions and large monumental structures - Trends in early and middle Neolithic (Liu and Chen, p. 210) o Emergent elite authority based in ritual power (but still kin-based) o Regional ideological system develops (seen in shared art symbols) o Population expansion relating to agriculture development o Zhiangzhai study consistent with these points o Social stratification may be emerging i
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