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David Smith

Continued Topic // History of Sceintific ArchaeologyåΩ Scandinavian Archaeology // • was invented by C.J Thomsen • created a RELATIVE DATING TECHNIQUE known as “seriation” • THOMSE used the term “forthistorie” Seriation ~ a relative dating method based on PATTERNED CHANGES 2. Culture History, which dates between 1850 to 1960 • during this period archarologists were focused on answering 3 questions: - What: typology - Where: cultural areas, its association and its 3 dimensional space - When: using relative & chronometric chronology - Theory: answering what is CULTURE? One of the earliest people to provide a definition of culture was Edward Tylor, considered to be one of the founders of social-cultural anthropology. He constructed in 1971 the definition of culture that it is: A whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and other capabilities and habits which are acquired by man. This definition is very ideational because more or less he is asserting that culture exists in the human mind and this was completely rejected by Binford and the processulaists. It was Sri Daniel Wilson who took the idea of history from Scandinavians and used it in English in the The Archaeology and PREHISTORIC Annals of Scotland in 1851. V. Gordon Childe // • he falls into the period of “culture history” and was a key figure of this time • perhaps known to be one
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