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University of Toronto Mississauga
David Smith

Topic // Old Archaeology History of Scientific Archaeology A. Foundation of Archaeology is first introduced up to 1800 B. Scientific Archaeology then follows - Antiquity – AD 1500 - Renaissance 1500s to 1600s - Enlightenment from 1700s & 1800s 1. Antiquity to AD 1500 * 2. Renaissance 1500s & 1600s • there was a change in economic conditions like in Italy • the discovery of the Americas became prominent • Mercati, a renaissance man who invented a way to draw maps which was an attempt on a FLAT SURFACE, he is one of the first people to publish that artifacts ARE EVIDENCE which we can use to say something about the past in the absence of written records 3. Englightenment 1700s & 1800s • empirical evidence could be used to understand the world around us aka SYSTEMIZATION • the rediscovery of the scientific method occurred shortly after SCIENTIFIC METHOD 1. Collect Data 2. Form a hypothesis about data/ make up a story! 3. Check your HYPOTHESIS against OTHER DATA 4. Confirm or disconfirm your original hypothesis 5. Used your CONFIRMED hypothesis to generate and test other hypotheses B. Scientific Archaeology 1. Originated from 1816 to 1850 and spread into Denmark during this period. T
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