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David Smith

Topic 4 // “Emergence of Paradigmatic Archarology” Old or New Archaeology In the two papers due this week Biinford outlined the concept of New Archaeology: He talks about archaeology in Anthropology and as Archaeological Systematics and the study of the Cultural Process. • Binford never admitted that he was wrong in his findings • IF arguments were to be made about Binford’s findings, he would suggest that the reader or person who made the claim was wrong and would offer a re-explained version of his findings. • B. Trigger however asserted that goal of archaeology was the same as that of TRADITIONAL American Anthropology, this was done in order to explain the similarities and difference in cultural behavior • Trigger continued to assert tahat anything that couldn’t be accounted fror adaptationally was labeled as STYLYSTIC and ignored as INCONSEQUENTIAL The aspects of culture that are important as those that can be identified as those that contribute to the existence of a particular species. Binford in 1962 explained // • a lot of people label archaeology after 1962 as when EXPLANATION was KEY to a finding • Demonstration refers to the constant articulation of variables within a system , and the measurem
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