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Lecture 3

Bass Readings for Week 3

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Carolan Wood

Notes From Reading For week 3BASS PP 4554Pp 4554Bones of the FaceMaxilla Upper Jaw PairedOne of the largest bones of the face it supports the upper teeth and helps to form the orbits the hard palate and the nasal fossaIt is divided into a body and four processes that are listed belowThe two maxillae articulate with each other and with the frontal nasals lacrimals ethmoid palate bones vomer zygomatics an inferior nasal conchaeIn some cases the maxillae may articulate with the sphenoid Anatomical Characteristics of Importance in Identification Bodythis is the main portion of the boneInfraorbital foramenlocated just below the inferior margin of the eye orbits Anterior nasal spinethis is a sharp anterior projection along the midline at the base of the noseFrontal processa slender portion of the bone that rises from the body and helps to form the lateral wall of the nasal fossa It articulates with the frontal bone and with the lacrimal bone forms the lacrimal groove on the anterior medial surface of the eye socket Zygomatic processbelow the eye socket it is a lateral projection from the body that articulates along a diagonal suture with the malar or zygomatic bone Palatine processforms the roof of the mouthIncisive foramenin the midline behind the central incisors is a large foramen or canal formed by the right and left maxillae Alveolar process that portion of the
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