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Todd Sanders

Ant207 lecture 02 (watched movie) 9/20/2012 11:08:00 AM 416 400 2074 stefani *come to tutorial with one good question Film in class The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser  A man kept in a house isolated form all, he had no concept of the world and he did not know that human existed, food given to him while he was sleeping  Different theories of the man were presented  Green grass flowing- how would it be to see for the first time  Man taught to write and thought to pronounce the word horse, starting to be disciplined by the a teacher like figure  Motor skill are week no lower body strength due to exhaustion of sitting down for so many years  Walking is being thought to him  Experiencing the world for the very first time in a state of motionless shock  People of the town are silently observing the Stanger  Making very limited conversation with strangers, the man is talking to him and he is not responding with compression  He was kept in isolation from a young age and how is released in the world and surrounded by unknown people  When they examined him he is injured and has scabs all over his body  Teaching him how to eat, but he does not like the taste of the food he is given, but he remembers the taste of bread and is familiar with the taste and texture so thus he finds the bread more appealing.  Bathing the guy of his filth, and he is learning to speak “mother my skin is coming off”  Children are teaching him how to speak  The man has no concept of danger  Candle is being shown to him and gets burnt and releases that he is hurt and expresses it buy crying  He is afraid of a chicken  He try’s to soothing a baby rocking its crib and holding its hand  He is crying as he states” mother I am so far away form everything”  He is trying to make a cat walk on its two feet just how he was taught, but he cannot conceptualize that cats are Quadra pedal  Circus: bear, fire breather, flute player, small king and kasper  kasper admits that he feels strong at heart but he feels old  he has developed the ability to ask questions and cannot believe that he lived in such a big tower yet was in a small room  leaned about apple rolling  eating soup with spoon and liking it then asking questions  using cognitive thinking to produce questions in regards to inequality. For ex. Why are women only good for cooking and why are men educated  A sense of accomplished is felt and a sense of remore is there when things are not gone his way : ex, garden and someone walking on his name  it had been 2 years since he was released from the tower into the functioning world of human beings  someone tries to kill when he comes out of the bathroom  but then they stab him and he dies  the autopsy resulted in leftcererum deformed  over developed ceribleum  left liver loaf was enlarged and extended Tutorial 1 9/20/2012 11:08:00 AM TA: [email protected] Kaspar Hauser  man of nature  savage man  rousso says that language is the most important part of society and Kasper lacks that skill  kasper had no thoughts as he didn’t imagine or dream due to the lack of language  rousso says do what is good for you and then what is good for others  finicky diet- body rejected complex nutrients  roster scene- fear  baby scene- compassion and starts crying Tutorial 2 *oct,03,2012 creation---------noah-----jesus---------today c 6,00 BC 4400 0 2000+AD 2400BC -------------------- ----------------------- AD BC  time line that is attributed to Darwin  evolutionist timeline is longer then the creationist time line  truotuman talks about genesses and creation of life which took 6 days  1859 archeological discovery of tools  another thing that happened was the origin of spcies which was published in 1859  all of a sudden anthro had to fill in the time gap due to the archeological findings  some say people were civilized popele and then became savages and other beg to differ  savages became premittive  and it opened up the idea of social evoultionalsim  in the bible it said that man was also born with human ability to talk and other gift  the first generation were hunters and farmers  they had the ability to talk and language  in the biblical cornoligcally that man was just created  evolution was not part of the bible  Darwin and evolution  Darwin never talked about humans when he never emplied that his study was about humans  The whole idea that higher species evolved from lower species questioned the dignity of man as it shakes up the hiercy  The idea that humans were not just created as humans they were created in terms of progress apes to humans-   18664683201 ex. 650 fax. 18777667702 Tutorial 3 Oct,09,2012 com·mu·nism noun /ˈkämyəˌnizəm/ 
 A political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs  Manifesto implying change and capitalism will take place and the Bourgeoisie will be taken over by the Proletariats Rise of capitalism  Feudalism class struggle btw land owners and lords  Manufacturing systems  Industrial capitalism- globalization now there are opportunities Bourgeoisie  Upper class, dominant class due to property( means of production) o Revoultiozned means of production, advancement in navigation and other things and along but has shattered relationships of what people can do. o Means of production o Factories o * the Be’s are in Antagonistic fight with pe’s as the be’s are only providing for the pe’s to just survive. Proletariats  Lower under class  MARX and E think that pe’s are going to rise against Be’s  Because their so sick of they way they have them living  Also there had been several European uprise going on at the time  Also the pe’s are the majority and thus creating a larger population  Increase of awareness occurs  What’s the revolution group to look like? Abolish  Abolation of private property  Classless society  Coumminal base owner ship in terms of land and other etc  Seems utopic view but its true Communist Manifesto] *what is the main idea of all the readings and the important aspects of the text and what are the key ideas Tutorial 4 Cause: Private Properties workers labor results in product belong to capitalist 1#: workers alienated from products of their labor,- the products do not belong to the workers 2#Alienated form the labor products its self 3#:alienated from Themselves- their bodies, their human potential ( basic survival to eat enough and survive enough 4#: workers are alienated from human to human and each other (this affects every social relationship that ever worker may ever encounter) –as the worker feels alienated and antagonated because they don’t benift form any of it and the person is frustrated because of his poor life style. *the workers are not allowed to enjoy the fruits of their labor estrange labor: reading Un- Alienated Labor Labor that allows to you to developed as a human -labor their job- communicate -artists- shoe creativity -Enjoy fruits of their labor -freedom and creative and live in peace and not just for survival -its about how much control a person has in regards to their labor -work that has capacity for development -a sense of free labor: not fee free labor but free as in freedom of choice labor Marx: thought humans had David Harvey Intro -famous for the study of marx (communist manifesto) -communist manifesto is seen as historical -he is saying that that life is not lived doing Alienated Labor -rebuilt argument says that this kind of labor that is moved elsewhere it has not disappeared - proletrant haven’t disappeared it has just moved else where BENITFITS: is something that allows us to enjoy labor, and weage higher and we have legal minimum waged is in place - people are given enough money to enjoy life and not live day to day Harvey is agreeing in the intro that all these things have taken place as capitalism has sifted enough to adapt to worker conditions -unions -min wage -retirement and pension fund -workers coverage -stock options -improved working conditions -ability to enoy our selves -limited hours ex. 5 days a week Mon to fri -given stock to sell ex. Jet blue have some kind of stake and that’s why the workers are happy  to relate this to the bigger question: are we still alienated workers  workers conditions in the present (Canada, Toronto)  is our work still alienated?  Immigrants are more likely to be alienated due to their status  “class violence”: its about leaving people in the labor force behind or paid less  who does this effect: people with racial or ethnic minorities people with lesser experience (graduated people) or people who don’t go to school, and women too as a man and a women have an equal job and men are always paid more then women  the idea of accumulation by disposition (marx talks about this in this article )  most people have access to resources ex. Government (as capitalists)and state, corporations  golden hand shakes (harvy talks about) given retirement packages  we still have accumulation of wealth concentrated within a few Tutorial 5 missed Tutorial 6: why are gifts a social phenomena?  Wedding  Birthdays  Baptism  Christmas  Death  Dolphin and bond they hold value and meaning o Proving yourself o Avoiding judgment o Cultural religious elements o Thoughtfulness , if a gift is not given that means that they don’t care as much -Mause talks about holistic societies -trying to show that there are economical means of change -showing display of wealth -social and economical aspect -gift that you give is about a social relationship and economical exchange -gifts have a spirit (ex. Giving gift on birthday) -cabin in the woods ( human sacrifice to please the gods) - give back to society to give and live a pure life in gift giving there are 3 obligations  receiving (your not suppose to turn down the gift)  giving ( you have an obligation to reciprocate the gift)  Potlatch= redistubution of wealth among people  Economical gifts: driving someone home  The fact that the gift is just not about the gift it is about social people  Gifts are never about the object it self it about social phenomena  Gifts always need to be given back  Tutorial 7:  Civilization: protects us: against what? Conflict  At what cost? o Conflict from each other o Natural disasters and nature o Were are losing and control of aggression, love and sexuality o Civilization and society: cost of oppressing the sexual instinct o Result is: feeling happiness o In sate of nature there was no satisfying desire where will experience small moments of happiness due to the unconscious repression o Were trying to look for pleasure and repress pain o Guilt and superego o Remorse is feeling bad for someone because o Having thought and not acting upon thoughts its guilt, when we feel anxiety as it is unconscious guilt and remorse is conscious guilt o We internilze guilt as a bad consiouse o Super ego is watch dog of our consiose Tutorail 8 On paper Tutorial 9:  Psychological colonialism  Language  OTHERING o US. Vs them o Outcast/ exclusion o Black/white o Male/ female o Males have more stre
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