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Todd Sanders

*Sorry, was late to lecture, therefore missed some parts in the beginning. I will try to get the notes from someone else in the next tutorial and then send it to you. - Introduction - Calvary chapel – Costa Mesa, California o In the article about Anxieties of Influence: conspiracy theory and therapeutic culture in millennial America - Social evolution theory o All society was evolving and evolving from primitive to civilized o All society can be defined on a ladder o North American and European are the ones that more “civilized” because they were writing it o All the other societies were seen as less civilized and o Went around collecting artifacts during this time and evident as lower races of simple life o Through these collections of artifacts, it was turned into facts o Museum turned facts were neatly arranged o Most civilized objects were for Europeans o Pinnacle of civilization o This theory was discarded about 100 years ago because it was rubbish o It was high science in the days o No clear separation between facts and theory o Does not speak for itself o Set of idea for the world that makes sense o First assumption: Moderns were different from traditions o 2: Moderns were superior to traditional (morally, spiritually) o 3: Hierarchal differences were everywhere evident including in material culture o Material culture were showing how primitive they were and colonialism wants to change them to be one day civilized o Flawed racist thinking of the day o Only makes sense in the relation to the world o 1. Facts are not discovered so much as they are manufactured o 2. So facts are not facts without a theory o 3. Facts are social and they become facts when everyone agreed that it was facts; displayed in museums and people come there and agree with it  Need to dominate the uncivilized to turn them civilized  They all agree to this back in the days o 4. In spite of all this, production of facts, we insist that facts are discovered and that nothing goes into the fact, we collect things methodically, subjectively  Museums then have nothing to do with modern telling stories to ourselves and that it was just “facts” o 5. With their inpoints and then started backwards; they assume and then one goes out to find the facts to prove the crazy
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