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Victor Barac

Remember that for the essay: find the anthropological angle on your topic! 1 Article by Paula Eleta – “The Conquest of Magic over Public Space: Discovering…” Paula claims: • magic is a manifestation and experience of something • what evidence is there to the claim that magic spreading into contemporary culture? - there is a rising market for magic to begin with - every newspaper has an “astrology” section - there is a large market for “spells” ex – stones, liquids, healing potions for magic - magic has gone from being a “niche” marginal market to a more normalized common idea? • The rise of magic is a response to what aspects of change within contemporary culture? - the “Retraction of government programs” , this in turn has created job instability and this therefor causes psychological instability which further causes physical instability? - The weakening of “national instability” in relation to Argentina Paula asks: What are the key features of contemporary religious belief? Answer: one can FREELY choose whatever creed they decided to follow. However paula says this is a double edged sword because the idea of not having a compulsory religion to follow can cause a psychological drift. When forced or when one is simply told to follow a religion - you have less to worry about. How is magic a ‘modern’ rather than ‘primitive’ practice? - magic is practiced under conditions to where we have LEAST control. - Paula proposes that magic is product of a more urban and modern type of society. Modernity referring to: new roads, cheap gasoline etc Discuss the use of Argentina as a case study? How is it or is it not a good example of magic in contemporary society Answer: - yes it is a place that went from a place of utopian place of the 1960’s to a place militarian dictatorship very quickly. What is Paula Eleta’s definition of magic? Evolutionism within Magic, Religion and Science - For a long time magic was the dominant belief and eventually religion followed suit and then science did as well. August Comte believed that physics would be the belief that replaced “religion” Herbert Spencer believed in unilateral progress. H
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