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Victor Barac

Topic // Magical Language, Narrative & Discourse Sample Question: In what way is the anthropologist a shaman in relation to consultancy? Reading 1 // Brown (1984) The Role of Words in Aguaruna Hunting Magic 1. Who are the Aguaruna? - They live in upper peru, in the highlands - They are horticulturalists - They live in small villages - They are a tribe involved in low intensity village type warfare 2. What is the myth of the Tsewa? - the myth is about the “ancestral spider monkey” - it talks about how humans brought hunting magic to life. The human was not grateful of the fact that the spider-monkey gave human its ability to hunt. So the spider-monkey broke a tool used by the humans and killed the humans by sticking the tool inside the humans anus, turning it into a 3. Instrumental means and refers to PRACTICAL versus expressive which means to COMMUNICATE. 4. What is “anen”? - The anen refers to a category of music, a “powerful song” that initiates songs and change among the Aguaruna. These songs often contain powerful words, mythical illusions, they borrow from other neighboring languages and these songs are generational songs that are passed down. Fasting is often associated with songs. The purpose of these songs and hunting songs is to attract game 5. How do songs exert causal influence on the world? - For the Aguaruna, some songs have sexual implications within them. - Some songs have social-sexual implications for women especially. - Hunting songs have a strong sexual implication within them as well. - Lyrics themselves within some songs exert the usage of things like tobacco Songs exert causal influence on the world because they cause consumers to act a certain way based on the principles of what songs are teaching us. Songs in relation to music cause certain feelings to be aroused. A specific vibration is caused through song. Brown does not make a distinction between whether or not song is practical or expressive. Reading #2 // Dein (2002) The Power of Words: Healing Narratives among Lubavitcher Hasidim 1. Who are the Lubavitchers? - “Lubavitcher” is the name of a town that is associated with the founder, a Rabbi - The town is famously known for inter-family marriages - Many Lubavitchers have jobs BUT in their down time they almost always are amongst their own kind 2. What is the only way to understand healing by the recitation of religious texts? - The main way to understand healing according to Dein for Lubavitchers is that the recipients of their religious text, the Kabbalah, actually understand their text. As much as religious texts are composed of words, if the recipient of the word 3. what is Kabbalah? -“received tradition” is what the word means - Kabbalah is often associated with the Hebrew language that is composed of 22 letters. **Tetragrammatons’’’, the origins of the Christian The Lubavitchers believe the Kabbal
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