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Lecture 6

ANT365H5 Lecture 6: ANT365 – Lecture 6

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Jack Sidnell

ANT365 – Lecture 6 Pedagogies of Persuasion Contemporary Egyptian Muslims are well-versed in doctrinal arguments and theological conceptions that were previously only available to religious specialists ^through Islamic materials that are directed at ordinary people ^booklets and pamphlets as ethical pedagogical literarure that the Mosque movement is grounded in Fiqh is a subset of this literature – refers to a collection of rules and regulations governing the performance of rituals and observances – ex. Fiqh al-mar’a (women’s fiqh) ^do not reflect any school of Islamic law – presents all opinions of the 4 schools of Islamic law and allows the reader to choose All participants participate in discursive tradition – no matter what mosque they are from ^ex. Of the different mosques – Ayesha mosque practices “fire and brimstone teaching”, Umar mosque does close readings of the Quran and the Hadith ^Ayesha mosque puts lessons in between depictions of God’s wrath ^Umar mosque allows participants to choose what school of Islamic law they agree with freely Space of da’wa is not only a space for argument but also for consensus ^da’iya does not reject the questions of the students outright, rather asks them a series of questions as well to allow them to come back with own forms of reasoni
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