AST101H5 Lecture Notes - Cosmic Ray, Mass Number, Gustav Kirchhoff

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5 - light: the cosmic messenger (oct 7) Meteorites = solar system material that hits earth. Cosmic rays = very high energy subatomic particles from the sun and deep space. Meteorites + moon rocks + cosmic rays = almost nothing. Light = nearly all information, and only connection with distant objects. White light = visible light (seen by our eye) contains all colors - deep violet through deep red. Sorting light by colors spectrum of light = rst step in getting info from light rst done by newton. Has a length, after which it repeats. Has a height or amplitude above and below the central line. Has a frequency = number of waves passing a xed location each second = speed/wavelength. All wavelengths of light have the same speed in a vacuum. Symbol for the speed of light is c (constant) Wavelengths of light are so small that using the meter, m , is inconvenient.