BIO152H5 Lecture 2: TUT2: Scientific Literacy Writing Assessment

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30 Sep 2016

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Tutorial 2: Scientific Literacy Writing Assessment
Alvin’s Office Hours - Blackboard
Scientific Literacy
-The knowledge and understanding of scientific concepts.
-The knowledge and understanding of the processes required for decision making.
-It means that a person can ask, find, or determine answers to questions derived from
curiosity about everyday experiences.
-The ability to explain and predict natural phenomena.
-The ability to read scientific articles with understanding.
-The ability to evaluate the quality of scientific information.
-The capacity to pose and evaluate arguments, and apply appropriate conclusions based on
the evidence.
Scientific Literacy Writing Assessment (SLWA) - 10%
1) Generating a Research Question & References List (2%) - October 7th
2) Dissecting a Primary Paper (4%) - Friday, November 4th
3) Summarizing a Primary Paper (4%) - Friday, December 2nd
*Academic Supports, including Tutorials and Workshops, will be available.
Drop Boxes are located outside the BIO152 labs, between DV2048 and DV2055.
Save your file name as:
Asselin_Melanie_1003215415_BIO152HSF Assignment I_Fall 2016
Assignment 1
1) Select a topic from one of the following:
a) General Biology
b) Environment
c) Ecology
d) Conservation
e) Biodiversity
f) Genetics
g) Evolution
h) Health
i) Cognitive Psychology
j) Pedagogy
2) Make sure your question is OBJECTIVE, and not subjective.
find more resources at
find more resources at
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