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Lecture 2

BIO152H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Alternative Hypothesis, Ivory Gull, Phosphodiester Bond

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Fiona Rawle

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Energy processing
Growth and development
(Male seahorse carry babies)
Prokaryote Vs Eukaryote
- Eukaryote has membrane bound organelles
- More cells
- Extensive internal membranes
- Prokaryotes have a nucleoid
- Eukaryotes have a distinct nucleus
DNA (backbone - phosphodiester bond, nitrogenous bases - hydrogen bonding)
*** Fig 1.9 (Transformation of DNA to protein)
- Transcription of DNA to mRNA
- Translation mRNA to chain of amino acids (peptide bonds)
- Protein folding
Global warming - a major aspect of global climate change ( global warming different than
climate change)
**Ivory gull in Nunavut - reduction in pop due to reduce in pack ice from global warming
(Fig 1.14)
Charles Darwin and theory of Natural Selection (Fossils document evolution of life on
earth over billion years)
Cellular level and organizational level - fossils
Darwin’s theory explained the duality of [unity and diversity]
Showy sex are males
Descent with Modification (The tree)
Animals examples:
Galapagos albachas - male trying to get the females
Blue footed boobies - presenting gift to females,
Hypothesis Testing (Precise)
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