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Lecture 5

BIO152H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Naked Mole-Rat, Homeopathy, Interphase

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Fiona Rawle

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Biology Lectures/Tutorials
Lecture 5
Hypo - below/under
Hyper - above/over
Iso - equal/same
Soma - body
Meta - change/turning point
Cyto - cell
Naked mole rat don't get cancer
Mitosis is growth wound healing and cellular reproduction
Know all the concepts of mitosis
Meiosis most animal species are diploid
n for humans is 23
In a non dividing cell chromosomes look like a smear
Focus on what chromosomes are doing what they are doing and they cancer part at the end of the
Dna packaged into chromosomes they consist of chromatin, a complex of DNA and protein that
condenses ONLY during cell division
Metaphase they line up along the plate
Know what the chromosomes do and review the checkpoint
Maintaining cell integrity and cancer prevention
G1 and S2 are interphase
Figure 12.16
Know cyclins
Tutorial 3
- How do u know if a scientific study is good
- Why is it good
- Why should people listen to you
- What is the evidence
- Homeopathy
- use water dilution (dilutes by 30C)
- Homeopathy is mainly/only sugar
- Their research have flaws
- No controls
- No random group assignment
- No control for placebo
- Regression to the mean
- Not blinded (proper research should have double blinded)
- Is it fair
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