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18 Apr 2012
Lecture 16 - Introduction to Behaviour
November 10, 2011
- how u behave is going to directly affect fitness and ur survival
What is Behaviour?
Narrow Definition: response to a stimulus, stimulus may be another animal or some
aspect of the environment
Broad Definition: "decisions" made by organisms
Questions About Behaviour
- What focuses on the details of behaviour
- How focuses on the mechanisms of behaviour
- why an animal has evolved the behaviour (ULTIMATE CAUSES)
Sttudying Animal Behvaiour
Why has the escape jump evolved?
- for survival of the kangaroo rat from its predators
Why has grooming evolved?
Innate Behaviour
- genetically programmed behaviour
- fixed action patterns - unchangeable behavioural sequences
- no learning required
What is the Adaptive Significance of Innate Behaviour?
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