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Lecture 7

BIO205H5 Lecture 7: BIO205 Lecture 7

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Christoph Richter

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BIO206 Lecture # 7 09/29/2014
Slide #6: What do you want to know about the population?
!Why would they choose such a dangerous place to have their children?
o!Only a few predators can get to such a high place.
o!No land predators can be able to reach there.
!How dense the area is?
!What they feed on?
!How can we count amount of chicks?
o!How big is the population?
!Mortality/Birth Rate of population
!The birds are moving constantly and therefore is very hard to count. Moreover, the birds
are black and white and is hard to see.
!Have to estimate how many individuals there are.
Slide #8:
!The 2 ratios should be the same between the 2 samples and the overall population size.
!What was the proportion of the animals that were caught compared to the animals that
were re-caught.
!Really want to know N.
!To solve for N= nM/R
!Clicker Question: What do we know already?
o!N: population size
o!M: Number of marked individuals
o!N: Number of animals in second sample.
o!R: Number of marked individuals in second sample.
Sample Test Questions
!A group of individuals of the same species occupying a given area is referred to a
!Example #2
o!A.) Death Rate & Reproduction
!!Fisheries " Less time to reproduce.
o!B.) Yucca event
!!Could be more than one answer and there is no right or wrong. Need to
make argument strong.
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