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BIO210Y5 Lecture Notes - Pulmonary Vein, Pulmonary Artery

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Monika Havelka

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Bio210- Jan 16th 2014
Fundamentals of human physiology and biology
Blood Vessels and Circulation
Blood vessels – connects heart to body
Arteries take blood to capillaries, which collect blood to take to brain and heart
Veins – collect blood from allover the body to take to the heart
Areas above heart ; head neck; will be carried out by gravity
Below heart the musles will squeeze and create a pump to move the blood up
Slide 21 – muscle :gasolinius
When valve is malfunctioning it will slow the blood flow upwards to the heart
Why are veins red and blue?
When the blood doesn’t move well from lower limb, it becomes clotted which closes
the limb off
Oxygenated blood carried through arteries, blood going throu aeorta and is distributed
all over the body
De oxygenated blood passes through lungs to be oxygenated
Anything that leaves the heart is artery and any the goes to heart is vein
Lung to heart is pulmonary => right side of heart to pulmonary artery to lung to pulmonary vein
to left side of heart to rest of body. Right is red while left is blue
Portal system: blood carried from organ to oragan, starts from capillary bed and ends with a
capillary bed usually
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