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Lecture 19

BIO310H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Cytochrome B5 Reductase, Hbb, Fetal HemoglobinPremium

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BIO310 Lecture 19
Oxygen in Blood
1 liter of blood has: 3 mL (1.5%) oxygen dissolved in plasma 197 mL (98%) oxygen
bound to hemoglobin 200mL total
If cardiac output = 5 L/min Amount of O2 to tissue = 5L/min x 200mL O2 /L= 1000mL /
More than enough to meet resting O2 requirement
There is no nucleus, no mitochondria
The only form of energy that it can do is Glycolysis
Glucose → Pyruvate
Hemoglobin is in humans and whales
They share the heme
4N and 1 ferrous ion - easy to capture oxygen
Other part of heme is protein that covers it
Whale hemoglobin
1 subunit of a hemoglobin - heme and hemoglobin
Each hemoglobin can bind to 1 oxygen molecule
Human hemoglobin
Four subunit each guarding one heme
Each hemoglobin can bind to 4 oxygen molecules
2 alpha subunits - alpha globin
2 beta subunits - beta globin
Hemoglobin can bind to oxygen = oxyhemglobin
Can bind To CO2 = carbaminohemoglobin
Can bind To CO = carboxyhemoglobin
Has a higher affinity to binding to hemoglobin, then co2 and o2
Is very toxic because it is taking over binding compared to co2 and o2
Oxygen carried by ferrous ion
Together there is a process of oxidation
Process of oxidation is reversed in red blood cells because of the enzyme
reductase which calls the enzyme methemoglobin reductase
To allow oxygen where tissue are
Hemoglobin is the main respiratory pigment in vertebrates
Heme is a complex formed by a ferrous ion and protoporphyrin ring
The globin , Tetrameric protein with 4 subunits
Human developmental changes in the types of hemoglobins synthesized for
incorporation into blood hemoglobins
Hemoglobin of human has a developmental process, where there is an embryo
We have embryonic hemoglobin (8 week of development)
Fetal hemoglobin (12 weeks till birth)
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