BIO315H5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Chromatin, Bacteriophage, Death Domain

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Main programmed cell death, apoptotic cells specific shape and characteristics compared to normal cells necrotic ells die without control, apoptotic cells go through controlled mechanism. Cells starts apoptosis process becomes smaller so it will be internalized by other cells. Membrane is ruptured it is disorganized necrotic, trigger inflammatory response, release compounds that induce the immune system apoptosis does not. During development, tissue remodeling, growth, there is a limit for divisions so they have to be destroyed. Stimuli that can trigger apoptosis, may not trigger apoptosis in every single cell, interactions vary. Cancer, apoptosis is induced by radiation, will induce damage and cause apoptosis in cancer cells. Type and intensity of the stimulus, some will die through apoptosis with only a small amount of a chemical but will undergo necrosis when too much chemical and can"t activate the apoptosis system. Apoptosis, will just shrink, condensation of the dna, fragmentation of dna, membrane is intact.