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Lecture 1

BIO318Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Richard Dawkins, Personal Flotation Device, Group Selection

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Darryl Gwynne

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L1: Is evolutionary adaptation a highly
influential idea?
1st challenge: Why Do Lemmings Dive into Lakes and Die?
Monday, September 11, 2017
1. Readings: Alcock text: Ch. 1, 10
2. Semester 1: Watching, observing behaving
3. Note
a. Lecture slides are posted on bb (day of) illustrative rather than explanatory
b. L1 will be posted on Wednesday
c. Readings for Wednesday will be posted ahead of time
Video Assignment
1st viewing: next week: observe
2nd viewing: a couple of weeks after that: what is the purpose of the behaviour? Etc..
3rd: how you might do an experiment and test that hypothesis
Who’s the greatest scientist of all time and why?
-not only the contribution of the scientist but how it influenced general thought
ex. Newton: gravity
Fleming: discovery of penicillin
Darwin: how change over time happens, descent with modification, evolution: natural selection
mechanism by which evolution happens
his grandfather was one of the first to notice
Darwin is the most influential scientist of all time not because of evolution
o Not the first in print version of natural selection Wallace as well (Wallace-
Darwin natural selection)
b/c of the mechanism of natural selection
b/c it filled in the gaps
provided an explanation as to why organisms are so perfectly
That e do’t eed to fill i the gaps ith superatural fores
Specifically, we are talking about behavioural adaptations from the perspective of the
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