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Lecture 2

BIO318Y5 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Worker Bee, Scientific Method, Heterosis

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Sanja Hinic- Frlog

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BIO318 Lecture 2
- Crickets chirping
oChirps + 40 = temperature
- Why study animal behaviour?
oReview of last class
oUnderstanding adaptiveness and diversity of animals
oBehavioural changes
oApplied behaviour and also to understand human behaviour
oCritical knowing
How to know something without seeing it?
- An evolutionary approach
oAdaptation and fitness
oSuccessful ancestors all the way down the line
oSinging in unison will monitor the animal population
oPhenomenon in Europe
Increase of population and then it outbreed the food supply and
then the lemmons will migrate
Jumping down into the ocean and then they died
If they don’t migrate and drown themselves, the population will
overshoot and then the whole species may go extinct
Those with suicidal phenotype/genotype would be selected out if
that were to happen within a few generations
Fallacy of group selection
oOrganisms do not behave to benefit the group
oOrganisms are selfish
oThe organism with the life preserver will live on
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